For new Telfair Moms

Your new life with your new angel

Thank you for choosing to have your new baby at the Mary Telfair Women's Hospital at St. Joseph's/Candler.

Now that you are home, things get really fun. But sometimes they are complicated as well.

Below is a trove of information that you can reference at any time to help you as you and your child grow together.

Oh, Baby's Home! 
Your baby is home. Now what? The closest thing to an instruction manual.

First Steps 
First Steps can help new mothers with virtually any problem.

Postpartum depression warmline 
Are you feeling alone, sad, overwhelmed or angry? Call now for help.

Lactation services  
All the breast feeding support you need.

Birth Certificate Application

The Mary Telfair Women's Hospital on Facebook

Mom365 Photography

We've partnered with Mom365 to offer our Telfair mom's the opportunity to have professional photography of your baby right in your hospital room.

You can make these photos even more special by following a few of the suggested tips below. 
Photography Suggested Tips:

  • Bring your favorite baby blanket or afghan from home for use in the photo shoot. A beautiful blanket can add texture, color and memories to your newborn's photo. 
  • Often newborn clothes are still too big for your baby. Consider photographing in just a diaper with a nice blanket. Even the hospital "onesie" makes a great photo! 
  • We love to include parents hands in our photos. Wear clear or very neutral nail polish on the day of your shoot. We want your baby to be the focus of the photos. 
  • Bring a solid black, brown or gray shirt to wear in the photos. These colors look good in both color and black and white and allows us to include you if you wish.
  • St. Joseph's Hospital Campus: 11705 Mercy Blvd., Savannah, GA 31419, (p) 912-819-4100
  • Candler Hospital Campus: 5353 Reynolds St., Savannah, GA 31405, (p) 912-819-6000
  • Find us on:

St.Joseph's Hospital Campus: 912-819-4100

Candler Hospital Campus: 912-819-6000